The latest updates on New City Zone

Residence in class condominium segment, is created in the new city location of Thu Thiem, District 2 New City is the consideration of the investors is a joint enterprise of three companies Sacomreal - Thuan Vietnam - Thanh Thanh Cong. Several news exhibits that this claims to be 1 best location to stay for men and women of Saigon for handy circumstances, leading services. Here are the common issues you have to know about the New City.

Condominium task New City is found in An Phu Ward, Binh Khanh, District two - the region adjacent to the new urban spot of Thu Thiem Bridge Saigon and Thu Thiem tunnel 3km, parallel projects also owns two fronts Luong Dinh Cua and Mai Chi Tho. This operate is not only the best place to live with hassle-free transportation, but also possesses the added benefit does not quit in time by Mai Chi Tho is the crucial streets and other tasks found adjacent to the urban area Sala Dai Quang Minh and The Sunlight Avenue.

Overall S planning project New City actual estate is more than 38 ha with the variety of residences is one,330, Progress modeled the standard apartments from two - 3 bed room condominium and office services. Especially:

Apartment 60m2: Is composed of two bedrooms, 02 bathrooms, dwelling space, kitchen, eating space, drying ...

can ho new city quan 2 : Is made up of 02 bedrooms, two bogs, dwelling room, kitchen, dining place, deck ...

Condominium 85m2: includes 03 bedrooms, 02 bogs, dwelling area, kitchen, eating place, drying ...

Condominium 100m2: consisting of 3 bedrooms, 02 bogs, residing room, kitchen, dining space,

deck ... The entire apartment New City have been constructed in the fashion modern, optimal spot, structured in open room, to produce problems airy, each and every area are breezes and mild 1 in a natural way. Whether or not your loved ones does choose apartment will get the ideal attainable area for their day-to-day daily life, individuals come to feel pleased, relaxed, heat and happiest. Considering that Pigments sophisticated regarded as essential to the folks of New City will experience the ease of large-stop, all require existence are served in the apartment and the spot all around the constructing so you will not nervous to uncover a spot to have fun, enjoyment, purchasing, delicacies ... your self. All wonderful things will appear to your existence when picking luxurious condominium New City to construct household shelters.

Besides that, New City venture also has a special construction, strong, impress specially very good for folks proper from the initial look. The condominium building New City will eliminate the aversion of individuals in a cramped condominium, oppressed by its airy texture. Not the scale, monumental, utility, value of operates of New City is also envisioned to be very appropriate capable of matching the elite individuals in the town, make individuals peace business, constructing plastic constructing happier life.

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